BoGO Process offers great deals on service of process upon corporations and registered agents in South Florida. Buy One service and get the second service for Free - Law Firms ONLY

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Special Pricing for qualified law firms seeking low cost service of process in Florida 

Affordable Process Services in Plantation

We are BoGO Process Servers of Plantation who provide the most affordable service of process services in Florida. We serve NRAI and CT Corporation on a regular basis

Our particular specialty services in Plantation involves serving and delivering important documents and court papers to and upon CT Corp and NRAI in volume. Our fees are the best and our service is better!

In addition to offering affordable process serving services in Plantation, Florida, we also offer free address verification services whereby we confirm the address of the entity you are directing us to deliver and service your important documents BEFORE we attempt service. This service is performed after we are retained and is our standard operating procedure prior to leaving our office.

Though we are not permitted to provide any legal advice, there are very specific details/text/content/data that must be incorporated within your documents or you run the risk of a corporate representative and or a Registered Agent declining your service. We can offer you some guidance but you must do your homework!

If you are unsure about the Plantation address for service, name of the entity or who the Registered Agent of a corporation is, we can assist you. However, please be advised we only offer research and verification services after you hire us.


We are in Plantation, give us a call at 888-406-6517 
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Did you know, emailing us your request or questions about service will get you a faster response than calling our office? The people answering the telephone are not the experts who will provide you with the information you are seeking. You will be transferred to a voice mail or possibly a live person. If you email, your inquiry goes directly to our service department which is monitored and managed by the service of process experts in our office.

Florida Process Servers who offer a Great Deal to Attorney's, Paralegal Professionals and Law Offices seeking the best fee's for service of process assistance.

Process Serving Fee's for anticipated service of process upon a tenant, corporation or Registered Agent of a business start at 49.95. This fee is for handling TWO REQUESTS at the same address and at the same time.  When you have two court actions, notices, demands, evictions or two subpoena to serve upon the same occupant, registered agent or corporate entity, we will serve the second one for free.

Our "BoGO" Process Services, Buy One Get One Free offer is for law offices and corporate counsel only.

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