BoGO Process offers great deals on service of process upon corporations and registered agents in South Florida. Buy One service and get the second service for Free - Law Firms ONLY

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Special Pricing for qualified law firms seeking low cost service of process in Florida 


BoGoProcess offers special and free pricing for law offices seeking the best valued fees while at the same time assured of the best service. Fee's for service of process are based up on buy one service and get the second one for free. Basically, this offering applies to serving a minimum of two court actions or subpoena's at the same time and upon the same entity or agent. If there is a third or more actions to be served at the same address, additional affordable fee reductions will apply.

Our fees apply to documents that are sent to us via email only. BoGO Process operates exclusively and soley by email. To qualify for the BoGO Process fee offering you must be able to send your documents as a Pdf attachment. We charge .20 for each page we print. Printing fees are added to the service fee. 

All fees and expenses are Prepaid only. We cannot activate your services until the agreed upon fee is paid for. There are no refunds after payment is made.

All service fee's start at 49.95 and are FOR TWO REQUESTS to be attempted at the same address and at the same time.

Please be advised, in addition to the service of process fee, the following expenses may be added to each service requested:

1. Copies you send and those we print out on your behalf are billed .20 per page.

2. There is no charge for each affidavit/proof and or return yet if the documents needs to be notarized we will add 10.00 for each notary.

3. There is no fee for use of your credit card

4. We do not charge for returing the affidavit/proof or return of service by email and or one to two ounce US Mail. We do charge for handling, special/heavy postage and or overnight courier.

5.  Our base fee is for services performed within one week excluding legal holidays and weekends. If you require faster service please CLICK HERE or if you are interested in obtaining a quote for specialized or volume priced service please CLICK HERE.

BoGo Process offers BUY ONE GET ONE FREE services to law offices who are looking for a professional local company that handles service of process within the State of Florida. All BoGo process serving services must be directed to corporate entities and or a registered agent or representative. BoGO fees are NOT for individuals! If you need service directed at an individual, fees start at 49.95 per service.

To discuss your needs and or to confirm your service we urge you to email us with your particulars. All email requests, questions and comments are responded to promptly.

Please email us at  

Two for one! Buy One Get One free, Best Priced Process Services for Attorneys, Paralegal Professionals and Law Offices seeking a less expensive was to have Corproations and Registered Agents Served. ASK us, it doesn't cost anything to ask.

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Florida Process Servers who offer a Great Deal to Attorney's, Paralegal Professionals and Law Offices seeking the best fee's for service of process assistance.

Process Serving Fee's for anticipated service of process upon a tenant, corporation or Registered Agent of a business start at 49.95. This fee is for handling TWO REQUESTS at the same address and at the same time.  When you have two court actions, notices, demands, evictions or two subpoena to serve upon the same occupant, registered agent or corporate entity, we will serve the second one for free.

Our "BoGO" Process Services, Buy One Get One Free offer is for law offices and corporate counsel only.

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