BoGO Process offers great deals on service of process upon corporations and registered agents in South Florida. Buy One service and get the second service for Free - Law Firms ONLY

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Special Pricing for qualified law firms seeking low cost service of process in Florida 

Ocwen Loan Servicing, West Palm Beach Florida

Ocwen Loan Servicing and its affilaites is one of the larger financial institutions in South Florida. We have experienced numerous requests to deliver Notifications, Subpoena's, Summons, Orders, Writs and other legal documents to Ocwen Loan Servicing. If you are seeking assistance with delivery of documents or the services of a Private Process Server please contact us. We are offering BoGo Process which allows you to Buy One service and get the Second One for Free. Please be advised, The BoGO offer applies to two service requests that must take place at the same time and at the same address.

Email us at, 

Or Call, 888-406-6517

We are NOT affiliated with Ocwen Loan Servicing. We are private process servers who deliver documents to Ocwen Loan Servicing. We are the Agency for Civil Enforcement, d/b/a, A.C.E., Inc. and not affilaited with any other entity.

Florida Process Servers who offer a Great Deal to Attorney's, Paralegal Professionals and Law Offices seeking the best fee's for service of process assistance.

Process Serving Fee's for anticipated service of process upon a tenant, corporation or Registered Agent of a business start at 49.95. This fee is for handling TWO REQUESTS at the same address and at the same time.  When you have two court actions, notices, demands, evictions or two subpoena to serve upon the same occupant, registered agent or corporate entity, we will serve the second one for free.

Our "BoGO" Process Services, Buy One Get One Free offer is for law offices and corporate counsel only.

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